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Great 1st Career Catch For Rookie WR Michael Floyd And Failed Celebration

Through the first two weeks of the 2012 season, Arizona Cardinals fans have been waiting for rookie wide receiver Michael Floyd to make a play. He had seen the field very little and had yet to even make a catch.

Against the Philadelphia Eagles he not only picked up his first catch, it was for a touchdown.

At the eight-yard line, Kevin Kolb threw a ball into traffic that Trent Cole got his hand on. The ball was in the air for a split second, but Floyd stayed with it. He grabbed the ball and found no one behind him. Touchdown Cardinals!

What happened after that was a celebration with some embarrassment.

He went for the goalpost dunk and stuck it, but then ended up on his butt.

So...great concentration, great way to have your first catch, bad form on the landing.

Here it is for you to see!


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