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ASU vs. Utah: Sun Devils Need Jamal Miles, Wide Receivers To Step Up

The Arizona St. Sun Devils are coming off a frustrating loss to Mizzou and need to get back on track immediately as Pac-12 play begins. As the Utah Utes come to town on Saturday evening, there are many things the Devils need to do well if they hope to win.

SB Nation's ASU blog, House of Sparky, has five keys to the game for the Devils if they want to win. As editor Brad Denny mentions, a wide receiver stepping up down the field would be huge. The unit struggled as a whole last week.

It's beginning to feel like a broken record. "Someone step up at wide receiver" the fans demand and the media reports, only for the storyline to continue into the next week after another disappointing performance.

The tremendous talent of Jamal Miles, the strong springs of Rashad Ross and J.J. Holliday and the intriguing talent of Alonzo Agwuenu have yet to translate onto the field. Kevin Ozier has been the most consistent wide receiver, and he has just eight catches for 73 yards.

Last week, the group was plagued by drops, and their inability to make plays allowed Missouri to lock down on top target Chris Coyle and limit him from getting downfield. It's becoming imperative that someone from the group establishes themselves as a viable option.

Kickoff from Sun Devil Stadium is scheduled for 10:00 p.m. ET / 7:00 p.m. locally.

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