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Arizona Vs. Oregon Preview: Ducks Offense A Big Challenge For Wildcats

The Arizona Wildcats take on the Oregon Ducks on Saturday in what might be the most challenging game on their schedule. SB Nation's Arizona blog AZ Desert Swarm has a couple of posts up breaking down exactly why that might be, focusing on Oregon's dynamic offense. In the first post, they discuss Oregon's De'Anthony Thomas, nicknamed Black Mamba:

Thomas has worn the moniker well. Since bursting onto the collegiate scene at Oregon via Crenshaw High School, the Black Mamba has struck one opponent after another with lethal dose of offensive venom. At wide receiver, at tailback, on special teams, it doesn't matter: Thomas can hurt a team in so many ways, causing paralysis before dispatching victims with a loss.

Check out the full post for much more. The second post highlights the impact that a player like Thomas has on Oregon's offense, and how winning the time of possession battle might not benefit Arizona as much as expected:

[If] Arizona wins the time of possession battle by a wide margin: This is the weird thing against the Ducks, because I think Arizona probably loses in this situation. Keeping the ball out of Oregon's hands is important, of course, but again assuming Arizona doesn't force a bevvy of turnovers (like four or five), this situation actually bodes poorly for Arizona. In short, it means De'Anthony goes Black Mamba all over the Wildcats, who are trudging in moving the football down the field for scores to keep up with Oregon.

Head over to AZ Desert Swarm for join in the conversation.

Stick with this StoryStream for updates, scores and more from Arizona vs. Oregon. For more insight and analysis, check out AZ Desert Swarm. For the perspective from the Ducks, check out Oregon blog Addicted to Quack.