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Kevin Kolb Could Miss Game With Birth Of Baby, Which Is Obviously The Right Choice

While John Skelton is recovering from his low ankle sprain, Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kevin Kolb is expected to make the start on Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles, even though the team has not made an official announcement with respect (and no one really expects one to be made). However, there is something a little bit tricky that could get in the way, and that is the fact that Kolb's wife 38 weeks pregnant and, as any of us parents know, the baby could come at any time.

Speaking to the media on Friday, Kolb told reporters, as noted by Darren Urban on the official team page, "I would have to lean toward seeing my baby be born," if the situation arose that his wife went into labor Saturday night or on Sunday. He also said that it would be a hard decision, as he cares very much about both his family and football.

He is making the right decision, obviously, but of course, considering the QB situation on the team, naturally there is trepidation about missing a week.

Football doesn't care about family. Most fans don't care about the families of the players. They want to see the games played. Many fans will say that he should play because of the money he is being paid and because the season is so short. That is all true, but if you have had a child of your own, you know it does not work like that.

Kolb's job is football. Kolb's life is his family. How many of you would actively choose to stay at work over being there for the birth of your child?

What I read into what Kolb said is more about the fact that he is a little afraid he would lose the chance at starting again if he left. He wasn't technically the starter before, as he came in as a backup and replacement for the injured Skelton, but his play has raised the question again whether it should be him or Skelton once the latter is fully healthy. Of course the decision is difficult. He loves his job.

But the decision isn't that difficult. As short as a football season is, you have fewer opportunities to see your child born.'s your child and this is Kolb's wife. In every single scenario involving those people and football, football loses. That's just how it should be.

I am a father of four. I am a Cardinals fan. I root for Kevin Kolb to be great. But I would be more disappointed if he were to pick the team over his family.

The truth is, it is a longshot that happens. But we all know that when it comes to babies and being born, it is a surprise every single time.

Football is important, but babies don't care about it. Kolb said, "I don't make the rules, God does." And you know what? While God cares about the people that play football, I doubt He cares at all about the game itself.

Bottom line? Baby comes, Kolb goes. Easy answer. Anything else would be the wrong way to go.

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