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Ken Whisenhunt: Best QB Will Start for Arizona Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals still aren't quite certain who their quarterback might be down the line. They have two capable candidates, both of whom have shown they're capable of keeping Arizona competitive in their football contests.

John Skelton might be returning to the practice field and prepped to play in the near future as he recovers from an injury he suffered during Week 1. However, Kevin Kolb has not only performed well in relief, he has kept the Cardinals winning while doing so. Kolb came in to relieve Skelton in the fourth quarter and led them on what turned out to be the game-winning drive. Then Kolb led Arizona to a win on the road in New England. Kolb has enjoyed solid performances on both occasions, game-managing and keeping the Cardinals moving down the field.

Cardinals head coach Ken Whisenhunt talked in vagaries to the NFL Network Friday morning about whether he was turning the reins over to Kolb or whether Skelton would re-win the job:

"It's going to be the same thing we always do. We're going to go with the player that we think gives us the best chance to win.

"Kevin has done exactly what we expected him to do, and that's come in and play well. I don't have any expectation of John doing anything different than wanting to get back healthy and compete for the job."

Whisenhunt doesn't seem to be willing to take sides and wants to keep all his options open. Smart move, particularly since a quarterback like Kolb might have a bad game or two and the positions reverse in favor of another player.

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