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D-backs Fall 2-1 To Dodgers

Yeah, well, whatever. As is always a legitimate silver lining of a low-scoring affair, our pitching was great. Tyler Skaggs seemed a bit shaky early on; the Two Hundred Sixty-Two Million Dollar Man gave a ball a ride that yielded no more than an out, and another Dodger (it may have been Shane Victorino, I forget to write down the name) narrowly missed a home run, with the ball falling on the wrong side of the foul pole for the Dodgers. Hanley Ramirez was the first to finally make something happen, hitting a solo shot in the second for the first run of the ballgame. It almost appeared to be the ungluing of Skaggs, as Andre Ethier and Luis Cruz delivered consecutive singles to follow Hanley's shot, but the eight and nine hitters could do nothing, stopping the bleeding before it could start. Past the first two innings, Skaggs was great.

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