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Arizona State Vs. Utah: Sun Devils Looking For Balance At Quarterback

A lot of things did not go well for the Arizona St. Sun Devils last weekend against Missouri. One of the areas criticized most by the Devils faithful was the odd usage of quarterbacks Taylor Kelly and Michael Eubank. After finding a nice balance in the first two games -- two games ASU won easily -- the coaching staff seemed to occasionally struggle with putting the right QB in during various situations.

This was especially the case late in the fourth quarter, and it might have cost Arizona State the game. Here is what Todd Graham had to say about determining when he elects to send Kelly or Eubank into the game.

"I don't want the first time we work on something (to be) when we step on that field. We have a specific plan of what we want to do. We go with what we work on. That's something that didn't work out the way we wanted Saturday night. We did have a miscommunication on one of the plays in the red zone, which is totally unacceptable and we have to get that corrected as coaches. But I look back at it, the first two weeks, everything worked smoothly. The third week we come up about an inch short. It's something we need to definitely improve on."

The Sun Devils will look to get back on track against Utah this weekend in their Pac-12 opener.

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