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Arizona vs. Oregon: Wildcats Could Wear All-White Uniforms This Week

The Oregon Ducks are well known for their uniform combinations by now. Backed heavily by Nike, it seems like the nation's third-rank team has the flashiest, slickest gear each and every week. While the Ducks are sure to unveil something new for Saturday night as Arizona comes to town, the Wildcats might be going with an unusual look themselves.

According to reports from practice, UA is practicing in their white helmets. Arizona very rarely ever employs the white helmets, white jersey and white pants all together. This was a pretty common look back in the Desert Swarm days, but not so much in recent years. Could Rich Rodriguez be bringing it back for their showdown with Oregon?

The Wildcats also wore their all-white uniform combination against Arizona State last season, a game they won in thrilling fashion up in Tempe. With Arizona being three-touchdown underdogs on Saturday evening, they'll take any positive mojo they can ... even if it's something as silly as a different uniform combination.

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