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NFL Injury Report: Cardinals' TE Todd Heap Injures Knee

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The big injury out of Sunday's Arizona Cardinals-New England Patriots game was the one Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez suffered to his ankle, but the Cardinals didn't come away completely unscathed despite the huge win they picked up in Foxborough, Mass.

Tight end Todd Heap injured a knee, and his availability for next week is in question even though he said he's fine.

Heap's loss could affect the passing game, but the Cardinals' only other significant injury going into the game was to quarterback John Skelton. Skelton was inactive Sunday due to an ankle sprain suffered against Seattle in Week 1, but even if he were deemed healthy, he still might not have kept the job with Kevin Kolb apparently finally ready to justify the big contract he got from the Cardinals.

The Cardinals had key members of their secondary, Adrian Wilson and Patrick Peterson, listed as questionable going into the game, but both played extensively.

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