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2012 NFL Week 2 Picks Against The Spread: Take The Giants, But Not The Patriots

New York Giants -7 vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Similar to what we saw Thursday night with the Green Bay Packers the Giants are a desperate team coming off a difficult loss in Week 1. New York will have had plenty of time to rest up and prepare for the Bucs since they played on Wednesday and not Sunday. Tampa Bay is coming off a surprising victory against the Panthers. I can't see Eli Manning dropping two straight homes games to start the season. Not one of my favorite games of the week, but I'll give the points and take the G-Men.

New England Patriots -14 vs. Arizona Cardinals

This is one of those vaunted travel across the country and play the early game on Sunday for the Cardinals. 14 points is a ton, especially for a team with the defense the caliber of Arizona. I don't think the Cards have any chance of winning the game, but I don't think it's out of the question for them to keep it close. Daryl Washington is more than capable of guarding Gronk or Herandez and Peterson can handle Lloyd. The issue comes with how they will handle who Peterson and Washington aren't dealing with. New England's offensive line problems that were shown throughout the preseason didn't show up in the first game. Will the Cards be able to make those issues show up? I'm going to take the points and the Cards, but pick the Pats to win the game.

Minnesota Vikings -1 ½ @ Indianapolis Colts

The Colts offensive line was brutal against the Chicago Bears and now has to deal Jared Allen and company. I don't think they can hold up plus Indy will struggle to deal with Adrian Peterson, Percy Harvin and Kyle Rudolph. I'm going with the Minny despite being a road favorite.

New Orleans Saints -3 @ Carolina Panthers

New Orleans struggled mightily in Week 1 defending Robert Griffin III and now has to deal with Cam Newton. I expect this to be a shootout and like the Panthers to win at home.

Buffalo Bills -3 vs. Kansas City Chiefs

Two of the most disappointing teams from Week 1. Kansas City played a better game against the Falcons then Buffalo did verse the Jets. Buffalo got the obligatory three points for being the home team. The running back match-up of C.J. Spiller and Jamaal Charles features two of the most explosive, big play backs in the NFL. In a match-up of pretty even teams I want the points and will take the Chiefs.

Philadelphia Eagles -3 vs. Baltimore Ravens

Two teams on complete opposite spectrums after Week 1. Philadelphia struggled to beat the lowly Cleveland Browns, while Baltimore demolished the Bengals with their new look fast paced offense. It's impossible to pick this game at this time without knowing the status of injured Eagles wide receivers Jeremy Maclin and Desean Jackson.

Oakland Raiders -3 @ Miami Dolphins

If it wasn't for a bunch of screwed up long snaps the Raiders would have had the chance to beat the Chargers. Their defense looked terrific. Miami is the worst team in the NFL. I'm going with the Oakland and I like this game a good amount.

Cincinnati Bengals -7 vs. Cleveland Browns

Despite the Bengals being a playoff team last year and the Browns earning an early draft pick these teams are closer than you think. Both play good defense and like to run the ball. The big difference is Cincy has an All-Pro type wide receiver in A.J. Green, while the Browns have no proven offensive weapons. Andy Dalton has not been the same quarterback he was since the first half of last season. I think the Bengals win, but it's a close one so I go with Cleveland. Only part that worries me is Brandon Weeden turning the ball over.

Houston Texans -7 ½ @ Jacksonville Jaguars

Two teams I doubted that most people loved were the Houston Texans and San Francisco 49ers. After Week 1 I'm not looking too good, but the Texans didn't beat the Dolphins as easily as expected despite what the final score said. Jaguars quarterback Blaine Gabbert has clearly shown growth since last season and Jacksonville almost pulled off a win on the road against the Vikings. I wouldn't touch this game, but for the purposes of the column I'll take the Jags.

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