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Diamondbacks Vs. Dodgers: Starting Lineups, Putz Not Likely To Play, Other Notes

The Diamondbacks look to wrap up a short two game series today with the possibility of sweeping the Dodgers in the desert. Unfortunately, if the game is as close as Tuesday's 1-0 victory, they might not have their closer again. Kirk Gibson noted before the game that J.J. Putz is still struggling with some back issues.

When asked about Putz, Gibson said that his back is, "not very good today". "It's improved, but he's not pain free." He noted that he will likely have to give him another day off. Willie Bloomquist's back, on the other hand, seems to have improved. Gibby said that he is better and that he, "moved around much more freely." Although he is not in the lineup tonight, one would have to think that he could be back at some point this season.

Trevor Bauer, who is pitching in the PCL Championship Series, could still be called up by the Diamondbacks sometime this month. He threw what will likely be his final start last night against Omaha. However, Gibson still isn't sure on what will happen with that situation. Bauer struggled in the early portions of the game, walking a lot of batters. He walked three in the first inning alone. Gibson might choose to let him continue to rest and save him for spring training.

The Diamondbacks' lineup (seen below) looks a bit different than normal tonight. Rookie Ryan Wheeler is not only starting at third base, but he will also be batting third in the lineup. That marks the first time all season he has been that high in the batting order. Justin Upton has dropped all the way to the six hole.

Here are the starting lineups for tonight's game:


Mark Ellis (2B)

Shane Victorino (LF)

Matt Kemp (CF)

Adrian Gonzalez (1B)

Hanley Ramirez (SS)

Andre Ethier (RF)

Luis Cruz (3B)

A.J. Ellis (C)

Aaron Harang (P, 9-8, 3.75)


Adam Eaton (CF)

Aaron Hill (2B)

Ryan Wheeler (3B)

Paul Goldschmidt (1B)

Miguel Montero (C)

Justin Upton (RF)

Gerardo Parra (LF)

John McDonald (SS)

Trevor Cahill (P, 10-11, 3.98)