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Don't Expect Too Much No-Huddle Offense From Arizona Cardinals

After quarterback Kevin Kolb took over for John Skelton in Sunday's 20-16 win over the Seattle Seahawks, many are wondering why the Arizona Cardinals don't employ a no-huddle offense more often.

Kolb had success on Sunday orchestrating the offense down the field with the no-huddle, and used it pretty well in the preseason as well.

But as Kolb told Fox Sports Arizona, the no-huddle only works well when you are advancing down the field.

"The downside is you don't give your defense a rest if you are to go three-and-out. You're out there for 40 seconds and the defense is right back on the field," Kolb said. "You have to be careful with it, especially with a good defense like we have."

Coach Ken Whisenhunt also approves of the no-huddle, but only to a certain degree. As he points out, teams adapt to one-trick ponies, and the best offense is the one that keeps a defense on its toes.

"If you do only one thing, teams are going to scheme to stop it," he said. "You have to be able to stay in a conventional offense and try to run the football."

Kolb has used the no-huddle offense since high school and is ready to use it when the coaches say so. The Cardinals plan to use the no-huddle offense with both of their quarterbacks when the timing is right.

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