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Cardinals Vs. Seahawks Postgame Notes: Kevin Kolb's 'Poetic' Comeback

Adrian Wilson didn't want to talk about the defense when he came out to address the media. He wanted to talk about Kevin Kolb and what he did. "Let's talk about how poetic that was," said Wilson. "The guy didn't get any reps in practice, really. John got all the reps and he came in and led the game-winning drive, so defensively, we just went out there and did our job. Kevin really should be the one to talk about right now."

Kolb came into the game after John Skelton hurt his ankle and promptly led the team to the winning touchdown. We went 6-8 for 66 yards and connected with Andre Roberts for a six-yard touchdown.

After the adversity he suffered the past year, it had to feel good. Kolb got hurt twice last season and saw the team win in his absence. He had chances to lead late game-winning drives and was not able to do it. He lost his starting job to Skelton in the preseason. It seemed like his career could not be going any worse.

"I told him it was poetic," Wilson explained. "To go through what he has been through and to have his opportunity and chance to step up, he did a hell of a job. It was poetic."

Was it any more special than other touchdowns?

"It was pretty special, I'm not going to lie," said Kolb after the game. "To win a game in that fashion the way the preseason went, I'll definitely enjoy this evening and tomorrow and then get back to work."

Larry Fitzgerald had praise for his teammate. "You've really got to commend Kevin for his effort coming in," he said. "He hadn't gotten many reps this week. John took everything. It was a really impressive performance."

After failed comebacks in Washington and Seattle last season, to do it at home and in relief had to feel good. Fans even booed him when he came in, only to be cheering three plays later.

With Skelton out definitely next Sunday and probably a few weeks more, this could be just the type of success Kolb needs to jumpstart his career here. Whether that means he ends up taking over here or just for a few starts until Skelton gets back, it could put him in a position to make him look the way he did when he was in Philadelphia.

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