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Phoenix Coyotes Sold To Greg Jamison According To Sources

The Phoenix Coyotes have been sold to Greg Jamison according to sources.


According to sources, the Phoenix Coyotes' sale to Greg Jamison has been completed. SB Nation's Five For Howling has the latest:

At this point we do not have a definitive time table, although we have heard that the announcement won't be made until later, probably closer to the Coyotes training camp. Additionally, another close source has said that the "Coyotes weren't going anywhere," and if you were waiting to buy a new Yotes sweater you won't have to wait long.

Multiple sources have recently reported that Jamison has secured the necessary finances to purchase the team. On Wednesday, the Sporting News reported that Jamison finalized a group of partners to buy the franchise. Jamison's group has been attempting to buy the Coyotes since last year. A sale to Jamison would prevent relocation and keep the franchise in Phoenix to the delight of Coyotes fans.

No official announcement from the Coyotes organization has been made yet.

For more news and analysis on the sale, head over to Five For Howling.