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Olympic Medal Count: USA 90, China 80

The United States is starting to move into a narrow lead for gold medals and a bigger lead for overall medals. The USA has won 39 events while China has grabbed 37. Great Britain is third overall at 25, but they are currently trailing Russia at 56 medals.

The big signature event was the United States women's national soccer team besting Japan 2-1, with Arizona State's Amy LePeilbet playing a significant role. The USA also won golds in women's water polo and captured 1-2 in the men's decathlon while also winning the triple jump and some boxing events as well.

The USA still has a lot of track and team events left where they are expected to medal. The big question is how many of those can they end up winning to stay on top of the overall gold medal count, as China does have a few events left they are expected to compete in for first.

Here is the current medal count (HT SB Nation for the link):

  1. United States, 90 (39 gold, 25 silver, 26 bronze)
  2. China, 80 (37, 24, 19)
  3. Russia, 56 (12, 21, 23)
  4. Great Britain, 52 (25, 13, 14)
  5. Germany, 37 (10, 16, 11)

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