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Gerardo Parra's Arm Still Not Highly Regarded By MLB Players

Over the past few seasons, we have witnessed Gerardo Parra and his throwing arm. We saw him get 12 outfield assists in 2011, a team record. We saw him win a Gold Glove in 2011. Now we see no one run on him. It is just a silly thing to do -- Parra throws them out.

Even still, Parra is not recognized by his peers as having one of the most dangerous arms in the game.

Sports Illustrated conducted a player poll that asked over 300 major leaguers who had the most dangerous arm in the game. Parra didn't even make the list.

Jeff Francoeur was the one mentioned most, followed by Ichiro Suzuki, Rick Ankiel (who isn't even on a team in the majors), Carlos Gonzalez and Nelson Cruz.

How did Parra get overlooked?

It must be a classic case of market size and reputation. Parra doesn't play everyday and he plays in Phoenix, which is not the biggest, most glamorous market by any means. Just like Miguel Montero is overlooked for his work of throwing out runners, Parra also is overlooked for his arm.

And that is okay.

That just means that some unsuspecting runners won't realize that he has a cannon for a left arm and might actually try to take an extra base. HAHAHAHAHA!

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