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To Play Or Not To Play? That Is The Question For Kevin Kolb

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There is little turnaround time between the Cardinals' first and second preseason games. After being handed a loss by the Saints in Canton, Ohio, the Cards will turn around and immediately face the Kansas City Chiefs this Friday night.

One of the biggest question marks heading into this game is whether or not quarterback Kevin Kolb will be able to participate at a high level. Coach Ken Whisenhunt did suggest that Kolb will play, but whether or not he should is an entirely different question. Kent Somers attempted to solve that in his latest blog post, inspiring me to do the same after the jump.

Kolb did not even last a full quarter against the Saints before being removed with a rib contusion. When he was in the game, he looked rather sloppy, completing just one of his four pass attempts and throwing an interception. As Somers notes, what he needs more than anything are some more reps on the field. It doesn't matter if those are with the first or second team, it just matters that he is getting more experience.

Then we have to wonder, though, if it is the best of ideas to have him take the chance of further worsening the injury by playing in a preseason game. He can't really be in a quarterback competition if he is unable to play. Somers states that Kolb has pain when he runs full speed, so that could be a setback for him. It's especially bad since Kolb is seemingly always on the run.

The thing is, Kolb has to show his coaches, his team, his fans and himself that he is not as fragile as he appears to be. That is why I think he absolutely needs to play if at all possible. If he wants a shot at winning the QB competition with John Skelton, he will need to show that he has the skill and durability to do so.

The choice will likely be up to Kolb, but being the competitor that he is, I have a feeling that his mind is already made up.

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