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Will The Seahawks' Signing Of Terrell Owens Affect The Arizona Cardinals?

The Seahawks announced this week that after a very stellar workout from Terrell Owens, they have signed him to a one-year contract. It was reported by numerous outlets that T.O. blew the Seahawks brass away with his speed and that at times, he clocked in in the 4.4 range for the 40-yard dash.

Owens hasn't played since the 2010 season, but looking at his history in the NFL, he is one of the most prolific and entertaining receivers to ever play the game. He currently ranks sixth on the all-time receptions list. So with all that said, does he still have enough gas left in the tank to help the 'Hawks?

If he makes the team, what can Cardinals fans expect to see when the Seahawks come to Arizona in week one?

T.O. still has speed and the Seahawks were lacking a true vertical threat, so as long as the quarterback play is up to par, he should fare pretty well. Many think he is washed up, but I am not so sure. When he was with the Bengals in 2010, he still had 72 receptions for almost 1,000 yards.

With his size, he also makes for a viable red zone threat. Alongside Sidney Rice, Doug Baldwin, Ben Obomanu, Golden Tate and another old face in Braylon Edwards, Owens will still need to fight for a roster spot. There is definitely not a guarantee that he makes the final 53 man roster.

But with the shape he has kept his 38 year old body in and the skill he brings with him, the only thing that can seemingly stop him is himself. If he doesn't become a distraction in the locker room, he has a genuine shot at making the team.

So, what does this mean for the Cardinals? It means another veteran in what is a continuously growing group of good receivers that the Seahawks can throw at them. Luckily for Arizona, they really made bolstering their secondary a priority this season, so there won't be much that Seattle can throw at them that they won't be able to handle. In all, it will come down to whether or not Matt Flynn/Russell Wilson/Tarvaris Jackson can get their guys the ball.

If the Seattle quarterbacks are competent, T.O. could have a comeback season. With the lack of a superstar receiver on their roster, Owens could enforce himself as one of the top options, giving the Cardinals something to worry about at least twice in 2012.

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