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John Skelton Reacts To Being Named Cardinals Starting Quarterback

John Skelton reacts to his selection as Cardinals starting quarterback

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It was just announced that John Skelton was selected as the starting quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals heading into the 2012 NFL regular season. "It's kind of a weight off my shoulders in a sense, because finally the speculating and waiting is over. But at the same time I think there's another weight placed on, where now you have to move forward as a starter," Skelton said.

Skelton also said that things have not been as stressful as the media tried to portray throughout the process, and that he still has the attitude that he is still competing and working to get better. At the same time, he did say, "It's finally good to have it publically said that I happen to be the starter."

As far as his feelings throughout the process, and whether he thought he had the edge over Kevin Kolb, Skelton said he just tried to get better each day and be consistent, and never really looked at how he was performing compared to Kolb.

When asked about his journey over the past couple of years, and the opportunity now to start, Skelton replied, "It's vindication for all the hard work and everything that I've put in. It seems like I've come a long way since being drafted in the fifth round. It's just hard work paying off, and having the right opportunity, and being ready for that opportunity. Now I see myself as the starter and I'm just going to keep moving forward and not look back."

Skelton said, "As soon as the season ended last year Coach Whisenhunt took me in his office and said we're going to give you a chance to compete for the starting job." Skelton emphasized that by saying the Cardinals have been truthful throughout the journey, and, "I'm thankful for the opportunity the organization has given me."