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Which Uniform Combos Should ASU Football Use This Season? We Give Our Takes

The Arizona State Sun Devils football team is ready to kickoff their season this Thursday, but before they do, they are asking for our help. As ASU fans (and students, in my case), we have been assigned with the task of selecting the uniform combination that the team will use when they play Utah and UCLA.

The options available are maroon (helmet)/maroon (jersey)/gold (pants), maroon/maroon/white, white/maroon/white.

So naturally, the SB Nation Arizona staff took to it. Get some of our writers' takes on what uniform combos would be the best for the team after the jump.

Jess Root:

My vote is clear. You go with the school colors. None of this white crap. The school's colors are maroon and gold. The only thing better would be to have the gold helmets. Not a big fan of the white helmets.

Brad Denny:

While no Arizona State uniform combination can match the Pittsburgh Steelers homage that was the black helmet, black jersey and gold pants that the Sun Devils rolled out for last season's game against Colorado, the second-best look from last season does show up on the new ballot.

My vote goes for the white helmet, maroon jersey, white pants look. The white helmet, to me, is the team's best of the new lot, and that combination gives a nice clean, sharp, and distinctive look.

Cody Ulm:

Maroon, maroon, gold. Because it is aesthetically pleasing.

Troy Erickson:


When you look at the uniform choices, it's obvious that this is the only choice. The maroon and gold jersey does not go with a white helmet or white pants. There is no white anywhere else on the uniform, and white just looks weak when it comes to a football uniform, unless the entire uniform is white. The gold pants match the gold numbers on the jersey, and the maroon and gold on the helmet. The maroon and gold is just a good color combination, and it looks a lot tougher than the white.

Tyler Nickel:

I am going to go with the maroon, maroon, gold combination as well. I am not a huge fan of the white helmets. Although they look clean, as Brad noted, I just don't see their connection with ASU. While I prefer the black the most, the maroon and gold combo is what Arizona State is all about, so I vote for that.

If you want to vote, click this link. It's the least you can do. The voting ends on September 13 at midnight.

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