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Deuce Lutui To The Cardinals? Not As Good An Idea As It Looks

Arizona Cardinals fans remember Deuce Lutui. He was a fan favorite because he grew up in Mesa, went to Mesa High, was drafted by the Cardinals and loved it. Now he was among the first round of roster cuts, released by the Seattle Seahawks. With the problems that the Cardinals have had on the offensive line, there has been some chatter among fans that the Cards should bring back big Deuce.

As fun as that might be, it really isn't all that great an idea. But why?

To start, the Cardinals' problems are mostly at the tackle positions. Deuce is a guard.

That's not to say that at guard everything has been perfect. Adam Snyder, whom the Cardinals signed in the offseason to play right guard, where Lutui once started. Arizona had its chance to sign Deuce in the offseason but chose not to.

Deuce was unable to start over Rex Hadnot. The Cardinals signed Snyder to replace Hadnot and cut Hadnot after signing Snyder. On the Cardinals' end, Deuce isn't worth starting. They signed another player to replace the guy that replaced Deuce. Why would they bring him back?

Also, look at the Seahawks' side. Lutui wasn't good enough to beat out a late-round rookie.

If the team really thought he was worth bringing back, he would have been offered a contract months before.

Is this a guy you really want the team to go after? Definitely not as a solution. He could be a reserve guy, but the team already drafted Senio Kelemete to develop at guard. All of that spells out that the team doesn't think too highly of him.

As cool as it would be to have the local guy, it's just not going to happen.