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The Curious Case Of The Arizona Cardinals QB Situation Has Just Become More Perplexing

Arizona Cardinals head coach Ken Whisenhunt announced that he is still trying to decide who his starting quarterback will be once the regular season begins. It is down to a two horse race -- Kevin Kolb or John Skelton. Many believed that he would take the team's final preseason game against the Broncos to decide who the victor would be.

Instead, Whisenhunt announced that neither of them will be getting any snaps against the Broncos. Instead, rookie Ryan Lindley will be the starter, with veteran backup Richard Bartel figuring to see some snaps as well.

Something awfully fishy is going down behind the scenes, if you ask me.

If a coach has not made up his mind as to who his starting signal caller is going to be, why would he not take another chance to evaluate them? Granted, he doesn't want to get either one of his main QBs injured in the most insignificant game of the preseason, but the team signed up for the Hall of Fame Game in the hopes that they would have more time to test their players.

To me, this wreaks of something being hidden from the general public and the media. Some have speculated that the Cards are possibly going to acquire another veteran quarterback, via trade or free agency. I am not sure if that is the case, but it definitely would not shock me if it were.

I think that Whiz has already made up his mind. Truly, there is no reason to keep testing Kolb and Skelton. Neither of them have shown us anything outstanding and they don't appear ready to take the reins and lead this team. While Whiz has insisted that Lindley will not be the starter when they play the Seahawks in week one, you have to imagine that he is looking at all of his options.

If the choice has been made (which, again, I suspect it has), then who will the 'guy' be? If it's a trade, holding both of the QBs out will certainly serve as a worthy mask until the announcement is made. I just have the feeling that if it is a trade, one would have been made a few weeks ago. Whisenhunt knew after the first week of training camp what his current quarterbacks were going to give him.

Either way, it's all slightly perplexing. I guess we will just have to sit tight and find out what happens next.

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