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Arizona Diamondbacks And The Playoffs? It's Not Happening This Year

After the Arizona Diamondbacks lost 5-4 to the San Diego Padres on Sunday to complete a three-game sweep of the home team, there was one thing left to do. Stick a fork in them -- they are done. The playoffs are now a thing of the past for this season.

When the team needed to dig deep and get on a roll, they came out and laid an egg three straight games against a team that has struggled. The Padres have now swept two straight series over the D-backs at Chase Field.

That is simply something that cannot happen.

With the loss, Arizona did not lose any ground, but it is just too much to think that they can make the postseason. Here is the kicker:

If the San Francisco Giants and the Los Angeles Dodgers were to play .500 ball the rest of the season (not happening), just to force a tie in the division, Arizona would have to go 25-9 the rest of the way. That is a .735 clip.

That simply is not going happen.

So, now you can move on and follow another team -- Arizona, Arizona State, whoever! -- if you want to follow a winning team. The standings no longer matter.

As for the D-backs, they're done. No need to keep them in the oven -- they are good to go. The 2012 season is officially done.

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