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Dodgers Trade Bad News For Diamondbacks, NL West

The Los Angeles Dodgers are turning into a team Arizona Diamondbacks probably don't want to be around. Yes, we typically loathe all things Los Angeles anyway, but recently the Dodgers have been more of an afterthought. Here in Arizona, we have dealt with the Lakers forever an their dominating ways, managing to acquire superstar after superstar.

Since the sale of the team, the Dodgers have made something clear -- money is no object. They already have some talent on the team. Now they are adding Adrian Gonzalez, Josh Beckett and Carl Crawford to a team that is only two back back in the NL West.

The Dodgers apparently are going to try and be the Yankees on the west coast.

This is bad news for the Diamondbacks and their fans because, when it comes to money, the team just can't compete.

This doesn't mean that the Dodgers are going to be the de facto division winners every year, but it could be. Look at the Yankees. While they do not have very many championships in the last 10 years, they always make the playoffs.

The NL West has teams that have managed themselves financially with prudence for the most part. Arizona is following a model of bringing up and developing young players and spending money wisely. They will be able to take on more payroll sometimes, but not significant amounts.

The Dodgers have cash and will spend it. When it comes to talent, they undeniably have the most in the division offensively. They now boast Crawford, Matt Kemp, Andre Ethier and Adrian Gonzalez. While he has not been himself in a bit, Beckett is a top of the rotation guy.

Of course, the Dodgers could have lots of problems. Those players weren't getting it done in Boston. Things could get ugly.

But the fact that LA is now going to be acquiring star players at whatever cost is alarming. If there is one thing that is painful to watch, it is success in Los Angeles. We are frankly tired of it.

But the Diamondbacks and the rest of the division need to fear if LA will spend money and do it well. Why? Because no one else in the division has the pocketbooks to do it.

The best thing we can hope for? Stupid spending by LA (very possible) or a consistent development of young players that have huge impacts.