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Ken Whisenhunt Doesn't Know Yet How He Will Handle QBs, Talks Beanie Wells, Offensive Line

Ken Whisenhunt talks about his team the day after the loss to the Titans.

Aug 23, 2012; Nashville, TN, USA; Arizona Cardinals head coach Ken Whisenhunt on the sideline against the Tennessee Titans during the second half at LP Field. Mandatory Credit: Jim Brown-US PRESSWIRE
Aug 23, 2012; Nashville, TN, USA; Arizona Cardinals head coach Ken Whisenhunt on the sideline against the Tennessee Titans during the second half at LP Field. Mandatory Credit: Jim Brown-US PRESSWIRE

The day after the Arizona Cardinals lost to the Tennessee titans 32-27, head coach Ken Whisenhunt did not have anything new to add about the state of the team's quarterback situation. Having already said publicly that the decision of choosing a starter perhaps has gotten more difficult as the preseason has gone on, he does not yet know how he is going to move forward at the position for the team's fifth and final preseason game next week.

"I don't really know right now. I'll see," said Whisenhunt when asked what the plan was moving forward. "Each of them has gotten two starts, obviously, but that's something we're going to think about going into this game."

Since it had only been one day since the game, he said that he and the coaches "really haven't put any thought into that at this particular time."

Whisenhunt did not even know whether or not he even needs to see Kevin Kolb or John Skelton in the final preseason game. Typically in teams' final preseason game, starters are in the game very little. However, the decision can be made in part by practice.

"We've still got some practice days left," explained the head coach. "Since we're not game planning, we've got an opportunity to do some competitive practices with our defense where you get a chance to assess their play.

"A lot of it is how they respond to their corrections from the game this week and the games the weeks before."

Whichever way he eventually goes, taking care of the football will be a key factor.

"The one thing we've got to get corrected, whether it's Jaymar Johnson or John Skelton or Kevin Kolb or Ryan Lindley, it's we can't turn the football over," explained Coach Whiz. "That's not going to cut it going forward."

As for the offensive line ills the team has suffered, especially the play on Thursday, Whisenhunt said part of the issues were simply because they wanted to see how the players would react to certain things on their own.

"In a situation that we're trying to find out something about our offensive line, you've got to put them in positions to see how they handle it," Whiz explained. "That's part of it. It's a big boys' game. There's going to be collisions, there's gioing to be tackles, there's going to be times you have to play well. We have to evaluate the line and get that situation where we feel comfortable we've got the best guys. So we're in the process of doing that."

Which is why the team did not use Jeremy Bridges at all at tackle against Tennessee.

"I think if you look at it from that standpoint, you know what you have with Jeremy (Bridges)," he went on. "You don't have unlimited reps in training camp or in preseason games, especially not in live action, so you need to look at other guys. Jeremy got a lot of reps early in the preseason at tackle. D'Anthony (Batiste) we haven't seen a lot of, D.J. (Young) we hadn't seen very much of, Nate Potter. So you have some guys you want to look at."

When asked if he was disappointed in the play of D.J. Young at tackle, he expressed concern, but defended his young player. "DJ was put in a tough position and he had his struggles last night, which is not uncommon with a young player. But you have to support him and keep working with him because at times he shows that he has talent."

He may be on to something as to a possible grouping that could manage in the regular season -- D'Anthony Batiste at left tackle and rookie Bobby Massie at right tackle.

"Last night when we moved D'Anthony to the left side and put Bobby in on the right side, it seemed like we stabilized the protections," he explained. "Everything went a little bit better. Now you've got to say going in to this game, you put that in there and see if it holds true."

Now we have at least on thing to watch for against the Broncos. Hopefully, for the sake of everyone involved, this rotation does the trick.

Whisenhunt gave good news about Beanie Wells, who took a positive step because he felt good Friday after the game. "He looked rusty last night, which is not uncommon, and game speed is a little e bit different," said the head coach. "He'll get more reps in practice this week and he'll play more in this game, which is a good thing. Hopefully he'll continue to improve and get better."

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