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Kevin Kolb, John Skelton Leave Cardinals QB Spot Unsettled After Loss

The Arizona Cardinals lost their preseason game last night to the Tennessee Titans, and there are still questions to be answered at the quarterback position. John Skelton was given the chance to start, but failed to take control of the battle, as Revenge of the Birds, SB Nation's Cardinals site, details:

QB John Skelton got the nod from the coaching staff to start the game, but unfortunately, to the disappointment of all the fans who want the on-going QB competition to end, had a very mediocre outing. Hit with numerous sacks and dropped passes, Skelton ended his outing only 4-10 for 41 yards, 1 interception, and a QB rating of 12.9.

Kevin Kolb came in and performed better, but also threw two interceptions. Both quarterbacks will get one more chance to prove their worth as the Cardinals take on Peyton Manning and Denver Broncos next week.

For more on this quarterback battle and the Cardinals, visit Revenge of the Birds. For all things pro football, visit SB Nation's NFL Hub.