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Cardinals QB Situation No Less Unsettled, But Other Positions And Roster Spots Starting To Clear up

Well, John Skelton struggled and Kevin Kolb looked better and worse all at once, but the game against the Titans was not a complete loss. Steps were taken in some positions that may clear up who makes the team. Let's look at some of them.

Quarterback: Well, this is not about who starts. It is who will be number three. Rich Bartel has not taken a snap in the last two games. Most would say that he is done in AZ, but it is more about seeing Lindley. The team knows what they have in Bartel. Unfortunately for him, Lindley has shown many positive things. That means Bartel is gone.

Running back: Again, this is for the end of the roster. The fourth back on the roster will be either Alfonso Smith or William Powell. Powell has gotten a lot of work. And this preseason he looks good. He leads the entire NFL in rushing yards for the preseason. He has broken off big runs and can return kicks. It appears that he is probably the favorite to make the roster over Smith.

Linebacker: Reggie Walker should be a lock for the team, which means last year's draft pick Quan Sturdivant is out. He could, of course, still make the practice squad. In fact, Wells is making many plays on the field on defense and not just special teams. He had another six tackles on Thursday. He, Paris Lenon and Stew Bradley look like they will be rotated in and out of the lineup.

Left tackle: OK, this did not get any clearer, but we probably know that D.J. Young is not the answer. Whether it will be Jeremy Bridges, D'Anthony Batiste or someone outside the organization, that is yet to be determined.

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