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The Arizona Cardinals Quarterback Situation Is Beginning To Look Pretty Grim


If you saw last night's game between the Titans and Cardinals, then you already know where I am going with this.

Just when we thought the Arizona Cardinals were ready to hand the ball to John Skelton and name him the starting quarterback, he goes out and has a rather uninspiring game in Tennessee. He only threw one pick (yeah, only), but he also went 4/10 and failed to move the offense down the field.

The problem is, Kevin Kolb wasn't all too great, either. So if you are Coach Ken Whisenhunt, who do you turn to at this point?

To be fair, Kolb and Skelton rarely even had a chance to throw the ball. The pass protection from the offensive line, especially coming off of the tackles, was subpar throughout the night. The coaching staff tried second year man D.J. Young at left tackle, but that worked out quite poorly. On the flip side, D'Anthony Batiste was hardly much better. The conundrum that the Cards face on that position is perhaps bigger than the QB one.

But when the quarterbacks do get the time, they are only able to take advantage of it part of the time anyhow. Skelton was errant on many of his throws on Thursday night, while Kolb's decision making was pedestrian at best. Both of them have turnover rates that are too high, neither of them can move the offense well and they each make poor reads. Because of those things, Whisenhunt's decision to name a quarterback has been stalled.

I really don't even know who will be the starter at this point. My decision on who should be the lead signal caller is about as fickle as the quarterbacks' performances. If I look at their preseason auditions as a whole, I would not really want to start either of them.

Per Mike Jurecki of XTRA 910, Skelton is 14-25 with 131 yards passing, one touchdown and two interceptions. Kolb? He's 22-37 with 203 yards passing a TD and three interceptions. Again, neither one of them have looked like starting caliber players.

So instead of naming a starter, I am just going to have to trust Whisenhunt's judgment. He can't be overly confident in either of his players -- and neither are we. The only difference is, he is the one that makes the ultimate decision, which could cost him and many others their jobs.

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