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Michael Beasley Has Odd 'Estate Sale' In Minnesota

Anytime anyone moves across the country, or even across town, leaving things is commonplace. Estate sales are not as common if you are still among the living. When Michael Beasley signed a contract with the Phoenix Suns, he decided that moving everything he had was out of the question.

What did he do? He had an estate sale. Nope, he's not dead, but he is attempting to have a new beginning in Phoenix. So I guess it is appropriate, as he wishes to bury the past -- or something like that.

Well, this estate sale wasn't the typical sort, which has property, furniture and such, as noted in a Chicago Sun-Times online post. It had some interesting items.

Among the items were "four Ingmar Bergman screenplays, erotic figurines, unused margarita mix, marble grapes, an old fishing reel and several women's handbags."

The fishing reel? That's understandable. Fishing is not as good here as Minnesota, I would imagine. We don't have thousands of lakes. But the margarita mix? Surely he could have found some use for that here in the desert. And the handbags? I guess he hadn't been to Scottsdale. While I don't know the market in Minneapolis, you would have to think he could have made a few extra bucks unloading them here.

Judging by the eclectic collection of...stuff, there was probably something for everybody in any walk of life. Sounds like it was a can't-miss sale.

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