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2012 Cardinals Depth Chart Update: Trying To Replace Levi Brown

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The Arizona Cardinals O-line has some gaps to fill.


The Arizona Cardinals have been searching for a replacement on the offensive line for the loss of Levi Brown, and will be looking internally to fill the gap, according to report.

Revenge of the Birds' Tyler Nickel has brought up a number of possible scenarios for the Cards to possibly test out:

D.J. Young would have his name called first to try and grab the starting job...that is exactly the case. However, just because he is getting the start, that doesn't mean it is his job to lose.

Ken Whisenhunt also noted that he will be shifting the team's current right tackle, D'Anthony Batiste, to the left side before the starters exit the game. He wants to get a good look at both guys before he is forced to make a decision for when the Seahawks come to town.

Don't be surprised if Jeremy Bridges is given a tryout as well. Whenever the Cardinals are in a pinch, Bridges is usually the veteran they call upon to help fill the void.

With the O-line being a serious area of concern for Arizona being compounded by the loss of Brown, hopefully there is some solid stand-ins waiting in the wings at Cards camp.

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