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Diamondbacks Feeling Pressure With Every Loss

There wasn't much to say after giving up a 5-0 lead, and losing to the Miami Marlins 6-5 in extra innings. Diamondbacks Manager Kirk Gibson was very brief, and basically said Trevor Cahill "struggled the whole time." With a five run lead, Cahill walked the leadoff guy in the second inning, and ended up throwing 34 pitches that inning, giving up two runs. Cahill finished throwing 96 pitches in 5 1/3 innings, giving up four runs. Gibson said, "It's pretty hard to win ball games that way," referring to the Diamondbacks giving up 35 hits in the last two games. Even though Gibson said they had their opportunities, he also said, "They [the Marlins] were all over us the whole game," leaving 15 runners on base. Gibson was obviously upset and disturbed by the loss, saying, "It's kind of like, time to check yourself." That comment felt like he was sending a message to his players asking them how bad they want to win.

When asked about his outing, Trevor Cahill said, "I was pitching in and out of trouble all night." When asked about the Diamondbacks lack of offense after the first inning, Cahill said, "It's a credit to them [Marlins] to have a rough inning like that and bounce back and throw up zeros the rest of the game is huge for them." When Cahill said, "Unfortunately I couldn't hold the game," it was obvious that he felt very bad about not protecting the early lead.

To make matters worse, Justin Upton felt his left hamstring tighten up on his way towards the dugout after he scored in the first inning. Upton thought that he would be okay, but it was the Diamondbacks decision not to push it, especially with a doubleheader tomorrow. Upton recorded a single in his only at-bat, that generated two RBI's in the Diamondbacks five run first inning. Gerardo Parra replaced Upton in the game, and went 0 for 4 with two strikeouts in his last two at-bats.

When asked about giving up the early lead, Upton said, "It's always tough when you get that five run cushion early and you weren't able to hold it up, and also weren't able to put any more runs on the board." Asked about playing tomorrow, Upton said, "We'll see."

Gibson said, "We didn't play very well," and "We got to come out and play hard tomorrow." He finished by saying that it was a disappointing loss, but that they have to move on. They have a game tomorrow at 12:40 pm, and another one at 6:40 pm. Gibson felt the team should have won the game, but they didn't play well enough to beat the Marlins in the end.