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Kevin Kolb Vs. Raiders: Effective, Indecisive, Not Scared

If you watched the preseason game last Friday between the Arizona Cardinals and the Oakland Raiders, you probably were encouraged by the opening drive that quarterback Kevin Kolb led to get the Cardinals on the board. He went 3/3 for 22 yards. He was decisive and accurate.

But, as noted in a throw-by-throw breakdown on our Cardinals blog, Revenge of the Birds, his decision making falls apart.

In his second drive, things fell apart for him. He was called for intentional grounding on a play in which he rolled left, turning his back on the play, rather than sidestepping or sliding to his left. That kept him from being able to throw the ball away or even attempt to make a play.

Then there was the sack for a safety the very next play. It seemed that after that point, he was uncertain on his reads.

In the following pass attempts, he was the opposite of the way he played in the first series. He was hesitant. There were plays to be made and throws he could have made. He hesitated and ended up getting sacked or making throws that weren't the best decision.

A lot has been made about Kolb being afraid. That is not what showed in the throw breakdowns. He stayed in the pocket after the safety. He just did not make quick decisions. And that is what is going to lose him the starting job. He simply holds on to the ball too long.

He isn't afraid, he is hesitant. Unfortunately, that makes a quarterback ineffective. And that is where he is at and why he is likely going to be supplanted by a third-year, fifth round quarterback from a small school.

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