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Arizona Cardinals Preseason: Larry Fitzgerald Believes In His Quarterbacks

Oh Larry Larry Larry Larry, as the Arizona Cardinals' Spanish-language broadcaster described you and one of your touchdowns last season. Cardinals star Larry Fitzgerald is ever the diplomat, and on Monday dodged a question about which quarterback he prefers -- Kevin Kolb or John Skelton.

Instead Fitzgerald, one of the great wide receivers and humanitarians in the NFL, told that he likes both QBs, and that the Cardinals can win with either one.

It's probably all the same to Fitz, who is going to catch plenty of passes from one of these guys, anyway. But there was no way Fitzgerald was going to pick a favorite in this situation, with the Cardinals still trying to determine whom their starter will be.

Fitzgerald said he doesn't even think about with whom he is breaking the huddle, preferring to focus on his own play.

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