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Arizona Cardinals Preseason: D.J. Young, D'Anthony Batiste To Both Play LT Vs. Titans

The Arizona Cardinals will have some shifting on the line this week for their preseason contest against the Tennessee Titans. It involves the two tackles in D.J. Young and D'Anthony Batiste, who might get shuffled around and shifted to see how they both work out at particular spots.

Mike Juercki has more on the situation.

In today's walkthrough, Young started at left tackle and Batiste was at right tackle.

This is only some of the shifting the Cardinals will be doing this week, as Kevin Kolb has been moved to primary backup quarterback this week with John Skelton. As this is the last preseason game where most of the starters will play the majority of the game (through the third quarter), it makes sense to do as much experimenting as possible if your team is uncertain about their starting lineups for Opening Day.

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