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John Skelton Replaces Kevin Kolb As Cardinals Starting QB Vs. Titans

Kevin Kolb will not be starting the next-to-last preseason game for the Arizona Cardinals after an inconsistent effort. John Skelton will take over starting duties for the final game, although Kolb should see action at some point during the game.

Kolb had a good opening series against the Raiders but generally struggled from that point on, displaying an inability to deal with the pass rush. Skelton only threw five passes in this game, but one of them was for the first preseason TD by either quarterback.

The next-to-last preseason game is generally when teams will play their starters the longest as a dress rehearsal to the upcoming season. The last preseason game is usually when none of the starters play and teams begin to sort out their 53-man rosters, so this will likely be the last game Skelton and Kolb see significant playing time. This could mean Skelton is a good bet to actually win comprehensive starting duties as he should handle a majority of the snaps with the ones.

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