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Phoenix Suns Offseason: James Harden Could Be Target Next Summer

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If the Oklahoma City Thunder's James Harden becomes a restricted free agent next summer, the Phoenix Suns are a team that will look to acquire the reigning Sixth Man of the Year.

According to Paola Bolvin of the Arizona Republic, Harden, who starred at Arizona State, still has great affection for the area and his mom lives in the Valley.

With the Thunder recently extending the contract of Serge Ibaka, the Thunder will have a decision to make in regards to Harden. The other young members of their nucleus - Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, Kendrick Perkins and Ibaka - are all locked up longterm. Depending on how far into the luxury tax the small-market Thunder are willing to go to re-sign Harden, he may be there for the picking if given the right deal in the right situation.

Harden is regarded as one of the top shooting guards in the league even though he comes off the bench for the Thunder. An opportunity to start and come back to Arizona could be something Harden would consider doing.

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