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London Olympics Results: USA Basketball Established As Heavy Favorite

If it wasn't clear before today, it's starting to look as if the United States men's basketball team are going to be extremely hard to beat at the 2012 London Olympic games. The USA has taken care of all of their opponents handily, and the 83 point demolition of Nigeria is just another sign of how dominant the talent on this team truly is. Andre Iguodala and James Harden have had to put in minimal effort to show how good they really are. With Argentina and Spain struggling against weaker teams, it's hard to see where the challenge will come for USA in their path to Olympic gold.

The United States had plenty of highlights everywhere. There was Gabby Douglas winning the gymnastics individual all-around. In the swimming pool, there was Michael Phelps besting Ryan Lochte in the 200 meter individual medley, Tyler Clary upsetting Lochte in the 200 meter backstroke, and then Rebecca Soni setting a world record in the 200 meter breaststroke. The USA is starting to rack up gold medals and win the overall medal count, even if they do still trail China in overall gold.

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