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USA Basketball Vs. Nigeria: James Harden, Andre Iguodala Face Ike Diogu

There are a lot of highlights for the United States in Thursday action at the Olympic games. Perhaps the event most highlighting Arizona players will be the men's basketball contest against Nigeria.

Three basketball players will be featured with college roots in the state of Arizona. You'll see shooting guard James Harden from ASU and athletic forward Andre Iguodala of Arizona on Team USA battling Ike Diogu (also from Arizona State like Harden) of Nigeria. Diogu has had an unremarkable career in the NBA, playing on six teams in eight seasons, but he's been balling for Nigeria in helping them earn a surprising Olympic qualifying bid a month before the games. Diogu has also had two double-doubles in both of Nigeria's first two games.

The United States are big favorites though, and you figure to see a lot of Iguodala and Harden in this one as they come off the bench to try and help their team build on the leads their elite starting lineup generally puts up. Harden and Iguodala have done well with their opportunities.

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