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Cardinals 31, Raiders 27: Reactions From Ken Whisenhunt, Players

The Arizona Cardinals came away Friday night with their first preseason victory, a 31-27 win over the Raiders. Here are some of the reactions to the game, including the injury to offensive lineman Levi Brown, the Cardinals quarterback situation and the play of young Justin Bethel.

On the injury to Levi Brown:

Ken Whisenhunt didn't have any information to give the media after the game. "I know it's got something to do with his tricep, but we will have more info and cue you guys up on that tomorrow," he said after the game.

Larry Fitzgerald expressed a little more concern. "I went over and checked on him and I asked him how was he feeling, and he said he knows he hurt something," he told reporters. "Whenever you hear anything like that you know it's normally not good."

Center Lyle Sendlein said it would be hard to replace Levi if he has to miss any extended time. "You can't just call 1-800-lefttackle," he said.

On the quarterback play:

Ken Whisenhunt did not give anything away after the game about who the starter might be, or if he made a decision. "We didn't get a lot of plays with John (Skelton), so it's hard to say," he said after halftime. Skelton only got five snaps, including a kneel down to end the half, but in those first four plays, the team scored a touchdown. The plan was to get Skelton more snaps, but the Raiders went on a long drive. Whiz did not want to send the starting offensive line back out in the second half and did not want to have Skelton play behind the second-team line. "I think I've got to get John some extended time next week," he said.

As for the pressure that Kevin Kolb was under, including the safety, Whiz simply said that they would look at the tape. "I think it's a combination of things," he said. On the safety, Kevin Kolb said he really didn't know what happened and would have to look at the tape to see if he could have gotten the ball away quicker.

On Ryan Williams' return:

Ken Whisenhunt said, "I think he looked very good, he had some good runs. It was nice to see him back on the field for us."

Williams was like a kid, saying he felt like he was six years old. "I can't lie, i was kind of scared, starting the game off getting that first hand off, but as soon as I got hit and tackled the rest was history," he said. "I was back to my regular self."

On the good start by the team defensively:

"They (the defense) set the tone very well on that first series," said Whiz. He said the team responded well. Calais Campbell said, "we saw it as a challenge, so we had to go out there and show him (Coach Whiz) we could do it. We put ourselves in that situation, and we went out and played our heart out. we played well."

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