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John Skelton Now Has Decisive Lead Over Kevin Kolb In The Arizona Cardinals Quarterback Battle

The Arizona Cardinals were triumphant for the first time this preseason on Firday night, defeating the Raiders 31-27. There is plenty of content to discuss from the game, both good and bad, but the spotlight (as usual) is on the quarterbacks.

Kevin Kolb started the game and looked sharp on his first drive, but was rather underwhelming after that. His main competitor, John Skelton, only had three pass attempts, but looked solid overall. So why is it that I think Skelton has the lead over Kolb? Find out after the jump.

It really wasn't about what Skelton did during the game. Sure, he went 3-3 and had a touchdown pass. He also seemed to handle the huddle better and the offensive line, for whatever reason, simply gave him more time to deliver the ball to his receivers.

What gave Skelton the nod from me is seeing Kolb play. He just doesn't seem to have the necessary confidence or backing from his teammates to lead the Cardinals. He stood in the pocket better, but he still holds on to the ball for far too long at times and takes unnecessary sacks. The play where he wound up getting called for a safety was downright ridiculous.

3 for 6 passing with only 22 yards and no targets to star receiver Larry Fitzgerald just isn't going to get the job done. He checked down way too much and his eyes remained locked on his first read on every play.

So as opposed to the quarterback position being cloudy as it was last week, things have become a bit more clear. I think Skelton will be named the starting QB come week one against the Seattle Seahawks, but only if he can continue to show consistency.

That starts next week as the Cardinals travel to the Midwest to take on the Titans. Skelton will likely be named the starter that game simply due to the rotation, but I think this will be the week he clinches it.

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