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Cardinals Vs. Raiders: Kevin Kolb's Play Is Up And Down

The Arizona Cardinals expected to get a good amount of playing times from their starters, including both of their quarterbacks battling for the starting job. Kevin Kolb got the start on Friday night and started out looking like the quarterback the team has hoped he would be. He effectively drove the team to a touchdown in their opening possession. He was 3/3 for 22 yards and showed composure in the pocket. He even took a pretty good hit on his third completion.

However, his night of positives ended there. He didn't complete another pass, was sacked three times, once for a safety and was penalized for intentional grounding.

He did not get much help from his offensive line, though. On those sacks, he did stay in the pocket, but within seconds was hounded by the pass rush. How will the coaching staff see this? It is hard to tell. He did have some positives, but the issues of getting sacked, whether that blame lies more with the offensive line or with Kolb, they continue to remain with Kolb in as quarterback.

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