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Cardinals Vs. Raiders Score Update: Kolb Good, Then Not So Good In 1st Quarter As Raiders Lead 8-7

The Arizona Cardinals starters came out fired up to start the game. They started out on defense, as the Oakland raiders won the toss. Arizona forced a three-and-out to start the game and then scored a touchdown on their opening drive.

The intensity let up a little bit after that.

Kevin Kolb and Ryan Williams led a very efficient drive. After Patrick Peterson electrified the home crowd with a 46-yard punt return, the Cardinals went 41 yards on seven plays to get into the end zone. Kolb was 3/3 for 22 yards and showed some composure in the pocket. Williams carried the ball four times for 19 yards and scored from three yards out.

The next drive the defense struggled more. A couple of big plays by Darren McFadden and a couple of penalties had the Raiders with first-and-goal at the one. The defense held and Sebastian Janikowski hit a field goal from 18 yards out to make it 7-3.

On the next offensive possession, Kevin Kolb was hit with an intentional grounding penalty and then was sacked in the end zone for a safety. Kolb stepped up in the pocket, only to get met by defenders who beat Adam Snyder and D'Anthony Batiste. That made it 7-5 Cardinals.

The Raiders moved the ball down the field, but when Darren McFadden couldn't get both feet in bounds on a pass play that would have had him running to the end zone, Oakland had to settle for a 40-yard kick to take an 8-7 lead.

Ryan Williams carried the ball five times for 25 yards. Kolb was 3/4 for 22 yards.

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