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VIDEO: James Harden And Russell Westbrook's Funny Foot Locker Commercial

James Harden's beard is becoming more famous than James Harden, but James Harden does not care. In fact, Harden uses his beard for funny things, including this new Foot Locker commercial with Russell Westbrook.

In the commercial, Westbrook does his best to stain Harden's clothing with a bottle of mustard, but Harden is "always wearing more than one."

See the Foot Locker commercial after the jump.

Harden's gear is fresh. More importantly, Harden's beard is fresh. Harden and Westbrook may not be the best actors, but props should be passed on to Harden, especially in that last sequence when he walks away. He has so much swagger and defiance. He says, "How dare you try to squirt mustard on my beard?" without saying a word.

Well done, Mr. Harden and Mr. Harden's beard. Well done.

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