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Arizona Cardinals Training Camp Update: Ken Whisenhunt Dismisses Schefter Report

A report came out from Adam Schefter of ESPN earlier this morning that stated that John Skelton currently holds a lead in the quarterback competition with Kevin Kolb and that he is currently slated to be the starter. The report cited "sources" that were not made available to the public and Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt was very wary of that. He noted that people often do that as a way for them to making things up.

He said that he hasn't, "Gotten into thinking about favorites or longshots," when it comes to the quarterback position, or any position for that matter. Skelton and Kolb are both in the race still and even if Whiz has a favorite right now, there is no definite choice. He said that to choose based on a practice or two would be foolish, simply because that does not show consistency.

Also, it sounds like D'Anthony Batiste will start at right tackle for the Cardinals on Friday. Jeremy Bridges was there before, but he has since been demoted to the second unit right guard. Bobby Massie just doesn't fit the role of a starting tackle yet, either. I guess it's a good thing that he is in the tackle spot ahead of Bridges on the second unit, though.

Javarris James is back from injury now after having torn abductor muscle. But as soon as it seems like the Cards are starting to gain some more running back depth, Whiz reported this afternoon that LaRod Stephens-Howling pulled his groin before the game against the Chiefs. The team is going to be "conservative" with him and not rush his return. Still, I wouldn't anticipate LSH being out for too long.

Lastly, Whisenhunt noted that he likes what he has seen from Beanie Wells so far. I noted on Twitter yesterday that he looked really good as well, running with power and speed. I didn't see a single hitch in his step. If he doesn't end up playing on Friday, expect him to play against the Titans next week.

I'll have more for you later tonight after the afternoon practice.

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