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Arizona Cardinals Quarterback Competition Will Divide Team...If It Isn't A Good Competition

There is always a fear with a quarterback competition/controversy. You fear that a team's locker room will end up divided between two guys. With the Arizona Cardinals, that does not seem to have happened yet. Sure, there have been whispers that John Skelton has earned the adoration of some of the teammates -- particularly on the defensive side, but by no means is there a schism at this point.

And the truth is that the only time you have to worry about a locker room divide is when the quarterback battle isn't that good.

What do I mean?

The only time there is a divide is when both guys are only okay.

Remember the battle between Matt Leinart and Kurt Warner? There was no problem. Why? Warner was clearly better.

What about Matt Leinart and Derek Anderson? That wasn't so pretty. there were rumblings that Leinart did not have the support of his teammates.

Numerous battles have gone down without issue. But that is when one player is clearly better. The coaches know, the players know and life is good.

If Kevin Kolb or Jon Skelton do that, there is no problem. The other players want to play for the guy that gives the team the best chance to win.

But so far, neither has sown that he is clearly better. What happens if that does't happen? Chaos. Every bad drive, questionable throw and turnover is met with doubt and then the cries for the other guys begin.

Nobody wants that with the current QB situation.

So for the love of all things lovely and good, please may we have either Kolb or Skelton do it? We want a guy to root for and to be decent. The best fans don't even care who it is, so long it is someone.

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