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Unhappy About Team Play, Ken Whisenhunt To Put Cardinals Back To Work In Flagstaff

After a lot of lackluster play in a 27-17 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs, the Arizona Cardinals return to Flagstaff, Arizona, where they will prepare for their preseason home opener. They will play the Oakland Raiders on Friday night. But before then, it looks like the team will have some intense practices.

Cardinals head coach Ken Whisehunt addressed the media after returning to Arizona and said, "I'm not happy with the way we played, we've got to be a better team than what we showed."

The result? It will be a hard three days of work in the mountains. The intensity of the workouts will increase, as it should.

The team has played in embarrassing fashion. The quarterback play and offensive line has been bad. The result has been that no one knows better than last season who the starting quarterback will be.

A good week of butt-whooping in practice, while it might not solve the QB thing going on, it is certainly warranted. The players need to be sent a message that play like Friday's is unacceptable.

If anything else, it will let fans know that the coaching staff isn't okay with the status quo.

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