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Arizona Cardinals Players Speak Patience, But How Much Should Fan Have?

After the Arizona Cardinals struggled their way to a 27-17 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs Friday night in their second preseason game, several players expressed their frustration to the fans on Twitter. Many of the tweets focused on how it is early, the preseason is to work on things, but that they have a lot to work on.

You can read all the tweets on the SB Nation Cardinals blog Revenge of the Birds, where all the player tweets are compiled in one convenient post.

Despite the players' plea for patience and their pledge to improve, the preseason is a tricky thing for fans.

We understand it is early and that the preseason really means nothing. We have seen 4-0 preseason Cardinals teams win only four games in the regular season.

However, what fans want to see is at least the hint of execution.

So far, the Cardinals have shown nothing but ineptitude so far, which is worrisome.

The most troubling part has been the uneven quarterback play. Kevin Kolb has not looked any better than he did to start last season. he is still reverting to his old habits, while John Skelton, with all the poise he has in the pocket, is not yet showing he can make great decisions with the ball. Every good play is countered with a questionable one.

But what the players and coaches are saying is true. There are still three preseason games. As long as things get straightened out before the September 9 opener, then everything truly is fine. The problem is that there has been no sign yet that there is anything good.

So while patience is a good thing, especially in the preseason, unless there are at least flashes of hope, the fans will be very quick to give up on the team come the regular season if there is any adversity.

The players need to figure things out, and figure things out quickly. The defense isn't stopping anyone. The offensive line isn't blocking anyone and the quarterbacks aren't leading the offense to score much. Unless that changes, there isn't much hope, which doesn't lead to much patience.

Fans should give them patience, but not for much longer.

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