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Arizona Cardinals Have Bigger Problems Than The Quarterback Position

There is no doubt that the quarterback position is the most important position in all of sports. And like a great point guard, a standout quarterback can make so many around him better. And likewise, a poor quarterback can sink not only an offense, but an entire football team.

There is also little doubt that the Cardinals have a problem at the quarterback position. Whether it's Kevin Kolb's pocket presence, or John Skelton's marginal play, two preseason games have been played and few questions have been answered.

However, people seem to think that if the team finds a quarterback that everything will be great and we will start reserving our playoff tickets. Will it make the offensive line block better? Will finding a solid quarterback make the defense tackle better or give up fewer yards. From what I have seen after two preseason games, this team has a lot more issues that the man under center. Click the jump to find out what needs to be fixed for this team to have success.

This rant started with a tweet from Craig Morgan of CBS Sports and Fox Sports Arizona.

Now I would understand this quote if the rest of the team was succeeding and the quarterback position was the only thing holding this team back. But the fact is the offensive line and the entire defense has struggled this preseason (just like last season if I remember correctly). In fact I saw with my own two eyes Daryn Colledge get blown up on a running play, causing Alphonso Smith to be tackled three yards in the backfield. Was that the QB's fault?

Let's start with the offensive line. A unit that has been highly scrutinized over the past few years, and with good reason. Levi Brown is the worst LT in the league and our starter at RT, Jeremy Bridges or Bobby Massie have failed to impress so far in the preseason.

I am a firm believer that the offensive line is THE most important position in football. Without a good (or even decent) offensive line the quarterback doesn't have any time to throw the football and the running backs have no holes to run through. Very few running backs can run through holes that aren't there, and very few quarterbacks can throw accurately when they are running for their lives.

Look back at most great teams and yes most of them have great quarterbacks, but they also have outstanding offensive lines. For example Peyton Manning's Colts or Tom Brady's Patriots.

Now onto the defense, a unit that I believe has vastly under played this preseason. Last night against Kansas City, the Chiefs went 12 plays and scored a touchdown on their first possession and four plays for a touchdown on their second possession, with the Cardinals defense posing little opposition.

I believe that the Cardinals have the talent to be a top-10 defense in the NFL. With emerging stars like Daryl Washington and Patrick Peterson and Pro Bowlers Adrian Wilson and Darnell Dockett, there is no reason why they got torn apart by the Chiefs for 225 yards in the first half.

Against the Saints it was poor tackling, last night against Kansas City it was just poor overall execution. Peyton Hillis and Dexter McCluster had huge holes to run through, and Matt Cassel could have made a turkey club on white with all the time he had to throw the ball. Maybe if Kevin Kolb had that much time to throw we could get a better assessment of where he is as a quarterback.

Football more than any other sport is a team game. I agree that the quarterback position is a major problem for the Cardinals but I would say offensive line is the biggest problem in Arizona.