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Quarterback Battle For The Arizona Cardinals More Uncertain After Chiefs Game Than It Was Before

So... If you watched the Arizona Cardinals game, then you already know where I'm going with this post. The quarterback play has done little to instill hope in the Cards fanbase and if it isn't corrected soon, the players may turn for the worst, too.

Kevin Kolb is a combined 2-9 with a 0.0 passer rating this preseason. John Skelton, his major competitor in this three legged race, hasn't been much better. He hasn't read the opposing defenses well and his accuracy is still an issue.

The worst part about it is that the two backups, Rich Bartel and rookie Ryan Lindley, have actually outplayed the starting competitors in most statistical categories.

Sure, each of the quarterbacks have fallen victim to the always inconsistent offensive line and the receivers have dropped some passes, but those type of excuses can only carry so much weight. Kolb still refuses to step up into the pocket when he is given one, instead opting to scramble to his right where he proceeds to throw the ball either out of bounds or into the opponent's hands.

Skelton stands tall in the pocket, but often times, he can make some very poor choices. In the game against the Chiefs, he threw a pass across his body to a blanketed receiver that was inevitably picked off. It's those types of mistakes against basic defensive coverage packages that will keep him off the field.

To select a winner for the starting job at this point would be foolish. Neither of them have been anything close to spectacular.

Ryan Lindley and Rich Bartel, despite playing second and third stringers, have shown to be better options to this point. I'm not saying that either of them should even be considered for the starting role, but the fact that they look more prepared and have been able to move the ball is both exciting and worrisome. We want all the Cardinals players to succeed, but when they are outplaying your $60 million QB, there's a problem.

Again, there really isn't a lead horse in the third string quarterback race, either. Coach Ken Whisenhunt will have to use these last three preseason games to determine who his go to guy will be. Based on his being drafted and great potential, I want to say Lindley will be the guy, but again, Bartel has some talent.

Either way, we are in a very gray area with the Arizona Cardinals right now. This season either has the potential to be really great or a disaster. And based on what I've seen so far, it doesn't look so good.

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