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Kolb Not Given A Fighting Chance For Second Straight Week Thanks To Poor Offensive Line Play

Kevin Kolb was repetitively flushed out of the pocket in his time on the field Friday against the Chiefs, completing just one of his five passes for 21 yards as he danced around the pass rush for his life.

Barely given a fighting chance to make a solid impression, it was difficult to fairly analyze his play. Kolb made threw a solid back shoulder fade that was unable to be wrangled in by DeMarco Sampson. Following a five-yard run from Alfonso Smith, Kolb went right back to almost the identical play, this time successfully though as he hooked up with Sampson on a 21-yard reception.

Before Kolb was allowed to get in any sort of rhythm though, he was sacked on the following first down. Another solid run from Smith put it back at third and ten but Kolb couldn't convert with a red sea of Kansas City defenders converging on him.

On his second drive, it was the same old song and dance. With little time to make a proper read, Kolb had two more imcompletions before being pulled for the day following another punt.